Dealer Status 2019 Pinnacle

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At Cinegration, we pride ourselves on creating simple solutions for our clients by utilizing the latest technologies available and making them easy to use. Using Ethernet or IP controlled devices, we can remotely verify and monitor equipment in your home. This allows us to spot a problem and can fix it before you even notice something went wrong.


We are committed to making our clients’ lives easier, more efficient, and better connected by streamlining home processes and maximizing our clients’ effort. Our custom home automation solutions add value for our customers’ homes and lifestyles, allowing you to focus on the things that matter to you most.  


Technology changes almost daily. At Cinegration, all of our installers and employees regularly attend training classes to keep us ahead of the game and knowledgeable about the latest trends. Our team has years of experience in home automation and Control4 technology.


Cinegration is unique because we develop the software that is used around the world to work with Control4 systems. Others in the industry depend on us to get their software working correctly, and we develop and utilize that same software to customize your home to perform to your exact needs.