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A home network is the central nervous system for all your home's communications and control. We work with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to provide a reliable and high-speed connection for your home technology system that supports today’s technology as well as tomorrow’s. Firewalls and enterprise-grade equipment ensure that your system is secure and protected, allowing you to freely and confidently utilize all the technology in your smart home. We provide ongoing support and deliver diagnostic services remotely to guarantee your network provides the functionality and protection you desire.


With high-definition surveillance cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities in real time whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe. Receive live video streams of entrances, interior spaces, and the perimeter, to see who’s at the door or even check on the kids all from the same touch screen that controls your home entertainment system or from your smart mobile device. Camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, nanny cams, and more. Activity is documented on a digital recorder so you can play back footage at your convenience. 


in-Wall touch screens bl

Your life is simpler and your home functions better when all your smart products and systems work together. A touch screen brings control of your electronics into a single device. With one intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly device, anyone in your family can operate the entertainment system, lights, thermostats, shades, or security system. Easily pause the movie or mute music without having to unlock your smart device and launch an app. Motorized shades, lighting, climate, security, and more can all be accessed via a sleek and convenient touch screen mounted to your wall for easy access and removeable while moving through the home. 


Light switches, thermostats, and security systems can be an eye sore in any home. Reduce the devices cluttering your walls by compiling control of your technology into elegant keypads. Our keypads come in a variety of colors and finishes to perfectly compliment any décor and are fully customizable to provide access to the items you utilize most frequently. You no longer have to wonder which light switch controls what lights – keypads are labeled according to your space and what you prefer to call certain areas. Pressing ‘Island’ turns the lights on the kitchen island on and off or hitting ‘Sconces’ activates only the sconces located in the home. 


smart video doorbells

You don’t need to make a trip to the door to know who has arrived. Smart video doorbells alert your smartphone or touchscreen when the doorbell is pressed, allowing you to see who is at the door and choose a variety of responses. You can speak directly with a delivery driver to instruct them to leave a package at the door, unlock the door the let a friend inside, or let someone know that you will come to the door momentarily. Smart video doorbells can be silenced during nap time or while you watch a movie in the theatre room.



Whether your mailbox is a few steps from the front door or a long walk down the driveway, constantly checking for mail is a pain. With a mailbox sensor, you receive alerts as soon as your mail has been dropped off. Mailbox sensors mean no more unnecessary trips to the mailbox or wondering when an anticipated piece of mail has arrived.




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