Cinegration has the unique ability to develop custom drivers for Control4 systems. We use DriverCentral as the main distributor for all our drivers. DriverCentral allows Cinegration to provide:

  • Auto Updates to Drivers
  • Trial Mode for all drivers (currently all trial times are 7 days) so you can experience the benefit of any driver before purchasing
  • Showroom license for Control4 dealers to showcase all our drivers
  • Simple purchasing and license management
  • Tech Support including livechat

Cinegration develops both customer-paid and manufacture-sponsered drivers. If you are a manufacture interested in contracting our services, please click here:


doorbird logo

Offical Doorbird Driver!  Allows for a wide range of integration features including:

  • Touch Screen Intercom
  • Camera Integration
  • Door unlock action from Doorbird app into Control4
  • Doorbell and Motion notification
  • Birdguard, Doorbird hardware supported
  • Simple setup and control
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Battery Agent

Control4 Smart Battery Agent Driver!  Provides a simple notification system for all battery devices in a Control4 project.  

  • New Experience Button including: display of current battery status of all battery devices in project from Control4 GUI
  • Auto Setup (driver will scan your project automatically and begin monitoring all battery enabled devices in the project)
  • Separate email templates for installer and customer
  • Sends emails out automatically to customer and installer when nessary
  • Has built in logic to prevent multiple emails from being sent
  • Works with
    • Control4, Card Access, C&S - Dammit Electronics, Black & Decker Locks, Yale Locks, Nyce Devices, Qmotion Shades, Nest Protect, Axxess
    • Custom programming trigger for special items (alarm panels, pool controllers, solar etc...)
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Schedule It

Schedule It!

Creates a calendar for you home using Google Calendar.  

  • Schedule events from any device that support Google Calendar
  • Trigger Macros and Lighting scenes without ever touching Composer
  • Records Lighting states (On/Off), Thermostat use and sensor status
  • Install Guide built inside Google calendar with a list of all commands that are possible for project
  • Great for bars and resturants that want to program certain tv's to come on and go to a specific channel without Control4 programming
  • Review history of project (Light states, Thermostat, Sensors, Relays and Security system status)
  • Does not require 4Sight
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Control4 DSC IT-100 Premium Security Experience Driver!

  • Beautiful new V2 security interface
  • View history of alarm system from Control4
  • Arm/Disarm including Home, Away and Night arming modes
  • Automatic email support for Arm, Disarm, Alarm and trouble conditions including user info
  • Automatic alarm lights flash
  • Bypass/Unbypass support from Control4 GUI
  • Multi-Parition support
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MechoShade Driver

MechShade MNI Blind Control Driver (2.9 Blind interface supported)

  • Auto Calibration of Shades
  • Discrete Position Control
  • Two-way Feedback
  • Shade Presets
  • Shade Keypad Link including proper Toggle
  • Blind Group Control
  • Lagacy shade control supported
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