Sonos Trueplay recognizes factors that affect the way a speaker will sound in a room and calibrates itself for optimum sound quality. In short, you get the best possible acoustics regardless of room layout or speaker position. You’ll automatically get this free feature when you update your Sonos system. So you can easily manage and tune your audio equipment all by yourself for the high-quality sound you crave, without bringing in a hi-fi professional.

How It Works

Trueplay uses the microphone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture and other surfaces in a room. Then it makes precise acoustic adjustments to your speaker to make sure you always hear the purest sound possible. Just follow these three steps for better sound:

  1. Open Your Sonos App
    From the Music menu, choose Settings > Room Settings.
  1. Pick a Room
    Select the room where you’ve placed your speaker.
  1. Tap Trueplay Tuning
    Then follow the in-app instructions.

Trueplay Tuning Tips

  • Minimize noise during the tuning process by turning off appliances, not talking and avoiding making loud noises
  • Remove the protective case from the device you’re using to tune your speaker
  • Move your device to cover as much of the room as possible while tuning, just don’t move it too fast to avoid picking up whooshing noises
  • Don’t turn down your speaker volume, even if it sounds loud

Compatible Speakers

Compatible with your Sonos:

Sonos Trueplay is designed to be so intuitive that customers can use it by themselves, but feel free to contact us with any questions that pop up along the way.