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What is Cinegration Development?

Cinegration also develops software! Here is what we have been working on!

A Look Inside What Cinegration Development Has Been Up To!

You probably didn't even know Cinegration Development Existed! Learn what we do and how it benefits your smart home!



Did you know that Cinegration has a department dedicated to developing software? We not only design and install your custom smart home solutions, we design and develop most of the software that allows your system to communicate and connect with the technology in your home! Cinegration Development is our company's secret sauce - we can custom design software for our clients when the need arises instead of waiting for a software company to research, develop, and release the software we need!

Our drivers give smart home owners the Power of Control, allowing users to maximize the functions of technology and fully control customized smart home automation systems.



cedia 2018

CEDIA is a worldwide convention for integrators just like us! Every year, members of the Cinegration and Cinegration Development team attend CEDIA to connect with industry leaders, learn about the newest technology, and discover trend-setting solutions available to the smart home industry.

AJ not only founded Cinegration, but also is a lead developer for Cinegration Development. He spent the week at CEDIA meeting with manufacturers, brainstorming with developers, and taking in all that CEDIA has to offer. 

While at CEDIA, Cinegration Development presented the concept for our new smart energy driver, collaborated with developers from around the globe, and participated in a TechTalk on smart energy.

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Left to right: Cody Crossland | Blackwire, Kevin Luther | Blackwire, AJ Brunson | Cinegration Development, Paul Biron | DomoSapiens, Richard Caton | Janus Technology, Alan Chow | Chowmain, Chris Allen | SnapAV, Seth Johnson | Blackwire

AJ from Cinegration Development meeting with the Control4 Developers Council, hosted by Eldon Greenwood from Control4. The council consisted of driver developers from around the world at CEDIA Expo 2018 in San Diego. 



Cinegration Development has been working hand in hand with some of the top talent in the energy management industry. CinDev developed the software to provide an energy storage management platform that allows smart homes to dynamically manage stored energy. The software enables smart configurable backup, a weather response system, and smart energy consumption monitoring for Control4 systems using Sonnen batteries. 

AJ served as a panelist for CEDIA's brand new TECH TALK series alongside Blake Ricetta with Sonnen, Gordon van Zuiden with CyberManor, Ron Callis with OneFirefly, and Troy Morgan with PanTech Designs.The group presented the ideas behind the future of smart energy, explained the cutting edge technology that will support it, and discussed why it is imperative that smart homes adopt smart energy management into their systems. 

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Sonnen was the busiest booth at CEDIA this year! More conference goers stopped by Sonnen's Smart Energy booth where AJ talked one on one with dealers to explain the software he built for Sonnen batteries. See what CE Pro had to say about about 'the most popular newcomer' at CEDIA 2018 and how Smart Home professionals are leading the way in Energy Automation.

Click here to view the TechTalk discussion!

 Cinegration Development's goal is to produce and develop top-of-the-line software, giving smart home owners a better, more cohesive, and user-friendly experience. Visit Cinegration Development's website to learn more!