Streaming music and video from your phone to your TV or AV system is really simple. Have friends over and want to show them the latest video on Facebook? Have a playlist on your phone that you want to play on your speakers? Want to give a quick presentation on your phone to a group of people? These are some of the many ways AirPlay can be used to enhance your life.

That’s awesome, how do I do it? There are some rules and best practices to live by:

  • You must have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad on the latest software
  • You must be on the same network as the AppleTV
  • You must have an AppleTV V2, V3 or V4. (V1 AppleTVs aren’t compatible.)

Step 1: Access the AirPlay menu

“Swipe up” from the bottom of the device to access the notification menu and choose AirPlay.

Step 2: Select your AirPlay device

In this example, there are multiple AirPlay devices listed. At this location, the AppleTV (2) is set up to be played in all the TVs and speakers of the home. Your home may be different depending on equipment setup/configuration. Simply choose which device you want to use then play the music or app you want to stream.

If you have any questions, please contact Cinegration.

Note: Choose Mirroring if you want the iDevice to stream video as well as audio. This is only compatible with AppleTV.

Step 3: Choose the AirPlay device you use on your Control4 system

One of the really awesome things about your Control4 system is, if you have an HC800 or later and are running the latest software, you can now stream AirPlay directly through Control4! This is great for customers who already use Control4 with Rhapsody for their music as they now get AirPlay without any extra parts. In addition, the Control4 system including the touchscreen and TVs will get cover art and track information without any extra programming.

Note: If your home is using Sonos for music services, you can still have access to do this, too! Contact Cinegration to find out how.

Note: It is recommended that you turn the audio on your iPhone all the way up if you are using an AppleTV for AirPlay since your phone sets the volume for the audio source.