We’ve all experienced it. That sudden drop of signal caused by airwaves being blocked by the mountains. So it may come as a surprise that over-the-air channels are available to TV viewers in Summit County — absolutely free.

The Summit Daily recently reported that Summit Public Radio & TV (SPRTV) upgraded its three analog signals to digital TV. Mandated by the FCC and paid for largely with federal grants, the upgrade expanded free, over-the-air TV channels and added high-definition TV. SPRTV rebroadcasts Denver-area TV and radio stations free of charge from the top of Bald Mountain overlooking Breckenridge, so now those peaks previously blocking your signal bring channels like The CW Network, ION Television, ION Life and Qubo, in addition to the former lineup of ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and KCFR (audio only).

A lot of factors influence how well you will be able to receive digital TV, including antenna type and location. If you have an older TV, you may need a digital converter box and may not be able to view HD programming. If you do have a digital-ready TV, you will most likely experience improved picture quality caused by a reduction in image noise. Digital-to-analog TV converter boxes can be purchased at a discount throughout Summit County.

While the addition of free, over-the-air programming is a huge plus, cable and satellite TV providers offer an even greater number of viewing options. If you are a Summit County resident, second-home owner or residential property manager, contact us for help deciding which type of TV matches your viewing needs.

For schedules and program descriptions, visit: (The CW Network), (ION), (ION Life) and (Qubo). For info on SPRTV, visit