Tackle the Winter Blues With Controlled Lighting

Smart Lighting Features to Help You Brave the Cold

Tackle the Winter Blues With Controlled Lighting

Winter is nearly upon us, and that means an intense drop in temperature, and a fiercer coldness heading its way around and into your home.  It also means shorter days and longer nights.  Unfortunately, the lack of natural lighting can have unwanted effects on your home’s safety and protection – and also on your own mental health.  We’ve listed out below how installing lighting control in your Cherry Hills Village, CO home will have you set and prepared for the chilly winter ahead.

Make it Lit

As the night begins to unfold earlier every day, it’s crucial to have your outdoor lighting turn on just as the sun sets.  With landscape lighting, you can manage this yourself or easily schedule them to work automatically.  But as the sunset times do shift daily, you also have the option to install photo sensors that know when the sunlight begins to disappear, and they will then slowly turn on the lights.

Walkways and paths from the driveway to the front door may accumulate piles of snow and ice – making crossing them very dangerous for everyone.  You can set the driveway lights to turn on as soon as you pull up in your car, and create a lit pathway to the door, ensuring no one slips or falls in the dark on the ice. 


Liven up the Home

Winter can make staying inside easy, with the cold and blustery winds at full force outside.  But often times, the darkening days can also shift your mood and even your sleeping patterns.  Lighting control can help you avoid this!  By setting photo sensors inside as well, they can detect when the sun begins to go down, and then brighten the lights in your home.  You’ll feel just as brightened as they are, guaranteeing you won’t be engulfed in the dark until you’re ready to go to bed.

Keep the Home Safe and Sound

When it’s cold, you’ll most likely make your way to more tropical locations to find warmth!  But while you’re away on vacation, you don’t want to spend all the time worrying if your empty home is secured.  You never want a robber or burglar to think your home is unattended and an easy target.

Instead of constantly fretting if you’ve been broken into or not, you can use lighting control to make sure nothing about your house looks different from the outside.  You can set a scheduled “vacation mode” on your lighting system, that can learn your daily routines and know when to turn on lights while you’re gone, all to make sure your home appears occupied.

With controlled lighting, you can easily adjust to anything winter throws your way.  Learn more by contacting us at (720) 295-2496 or online through our contact page.