Considering canceling your cable? You’re not alone. Millions of households are leaving their monthly cable bills behind for streaming services that offer the best of TV and movies on demand. But cutting the cord has tradeoffs. You may actually lose some of your favorite channels, and your Internet plan usage might already be pushed to the max. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you decide to leave your cable plan for streaming services.


• A lower cable/satellite bill
• Good HD signal on channels 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 20; non-HD on channel 31 (some homes may need a UHD antenna that Cinegration can install if you live in the Denver metro area)
• There are many popular streaming services to choose from, like Netflix and Amazon Prime
• You can watch on your tablet, laptop — or even your smart phone
• No more monthly equipment rental fees
• You can use multiple streaming services all in the same place




• Poor sports package selections

• Most apps don’t allow sport programs to be AirPlayed to your TV
• Not all services are available everywhere
• You still need to pay for Internet and it may be cheaper to keep cable as part of a bundle
• You WILL lose ESPN, Monday night football and Thursday night football
• Low Internet usage limits may prevent proper streaming
• You will still need a separate device to watch TV and multiple subscription fees may cost more than regular cable

Streaming Alternatives



Consider replacing your cable box with TiVo for on-demand, commercial-free viewing. We can install TiVo to provide a better guide experience and streaming services without all the extra rental fees from Comcast or DirecTV. Here are some of the platforms TiVo can bring together:

Amazon Prime

You can purchase other devices like Amazon FireTV, the RokuApple TV and Google Chromecast to watch TV shows and movies using your chosen streaming services. Read this article for more tips to consider before cutting the cord.

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