Building on the success of the V1 Cinegration developed in 2009, we’re proud to release V2 of our longest-running and most successful driver. Along with a new look and feel to go with the enhanced Control4 environment, the updated driver has been completely rewritten to improve on existing features, and add completely new ones.

The Paradox EVO/Digiplex Driver enables Paradox EVOHD Security Panels to be controlled via Control4 using its security proxy interface. This completely new driver does not allow for updating from the previous Paradox Driver, so keep this in mind when updating. In addition, Cinegration has added in support of all V1 license keys purchased from HouseLogix! The existing key will work with the new driver. Please note that dealer reprogramming is required to update to the new driver.

Of its many benefits, the new Paradox EVO/Digiplex Driver is multi-lingual, allows for Access Control, automatically downloads zone labels and usernames into Control4, and sends automatic email and text notifications. Keep reading to see how the new Paradox EVO/Digiplex Driver can save you valuable installation time, and other benefits.

Driver Features

  • Reliable RS232 communication with Paradox
  • Arm security panel (Stay, Away, Instant, Force arm modes)
  • Disarming of security panel
  • 4- and 6-digit user codes supported
  • RFID integration (using Paradox Door modules), Access Control integration
  • Multi-partition support
  • Arm or Disarm all partitions easily from Control4 interfaces
  • MyHome, iPad, iPhone, Android, Control4 GUI supported
  • Zone labels and usernames are downloaded into Control4 system from Paradox panel
  • Custom Entry and Exit delay modes
  • Multi-lingual (English, Czech, Portuguese-Brazil)
  • Polling Timer for driver communication verification
  • Automatic email and text notification of Arm, Disarm and alarms of security system (requires 4Sight)
  • Driver verifies zone state upon reboot of Control4 (no more issue where ‘all zones open’)
  • Utility key support (trigger events in Paradox from Control4 GUI)
  • Designed for Dealers (lots of extra events and actions for Control4 programming)
  • Virtual Input support (Create ‘zones’ on the Paradox that are open and closed via Control4 programming)

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