Driver Features

  • SIP integration with Control4 touch panels
  • Doorbell announcement
    • Allows Control4 to play a special sound in the speakers of the home
  • Unlock a Control4 smart doorlock from the touch panel or DoorBird app directly!
    • Answer and unlock the door from a Control4 touchscreen!
  • IP camera integration
    • See the camera like a normal security camera in Control4
  • NVR support of the camera
  • Remotely communicate with someone at the gate and allow entry, all without changing apps on the phone
  • Adjustable microphone and speaker levels
  • Customer can “see” who pushed the doorbell button last at any time through the Control4 app

Unlock any gate, doorlock or motor connected to Control4 from the app

Why DoorBird and not Ring?

Well, for starters, the Control4 integration by Cinegration. We spend quite a bit of time customizing the driver and the DoorBird API for maximum integration. And it’s a fantastic doorstation or doorbell replacement for any Control4 customer. Here is a breakdown of some of the advantages and differences in current technology:

  DoorBird (with Cinegration Driver) Ring Doorbell Control4 Doorstation
Answer the door from a smart phone X X  
Customized doorbell sound X   X
Unlock the door from a touchscreen X   X
Unlock the door from a smart phone (while talking to the doorstation) X    
PoE setup X   X
Communicate with the doorstation from a Control4 touchscreen X   X

Camera Setup

Doorbell Setup

Intercom/SIP Setup

Interested in a free ‘showroom’ license? No problem, simply purchase a DoorBird Integration Driver, send us the receipt, your dealer ID and Showroom MAC, and we’ll send you a License Key.

Note: Only one free license will be issued per dealership and Cinegration reserves the right to decline this offer at any time.

DoorBird wants you to know:

“Are you interested in selling DoorBird in your region? If you would like to join our partner program, please register on our website at

The price of DoorBird starts at $349 (MSRP) and, of course, you as a partner would get a fair discount.

For more information, please visit our website or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”