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I’ve been working at Cinegration for just over a year now, and last April we turned my home into a Smart Home. I wanted to increase security, have peace of mind and contribute to the overall fun factor of my home. Now I get text notifications when I leave my garage door open, when my kids get home from school or when one of my security zones is open. Knowing I can check on my home remotely, from anywhere I have an Internet connection, gives me a great sense of comfort when I’m away wondering, “Did I leave the garage door open?”

My favorite thing about my Smart Home is the Away feature. With the press of a button, I can turn off all my electronics, open the garage door, turn off all the lights, lock the front door and arm the alarm system after a 30-second delay. And upgrades to my home theater, speakers and entertainment areas have really stepped up game day and movie night.

The level of custom programming really wowed me; you can configure your home to do so many different things. You can have a Dinner’s Ready button that will announce when dinner is ready over your speakers, turn off your kitchen lights, turn on your dining room lights and play your favorite Pandora station to create the perfect ambience while you eat. The possibilities are endless.