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Keep your home, loved ones, and belongings safe with Smart Security

Learn how integrating a smart security system protects your home.

Keep your home, loved ones, and belongings safe with Smart Security.

Last month we mentioned how smart door locks provide enhanced home security and several features that give homeowners peace of mind. What about other security features? Alarm and camera systems are the backbone to any security system, providing essential monitoring and real-time alerts to ensure your home is always safe.

Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • remotely arm and disarm your system via your Control4 touchscreen or smart device
  • receive real-time alerts when a door or window is opened
  • pet-smart motion sensors
  • ability to check the closed/opened or locked/unlocked state of doors through the app
  • review the history through a Control4 touchscreen or your smart device

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Installing an alarm system is nothing new – most homeowners have at least a basic alarm system for their home. However, besides a simple arm and disarm that requires sprinting to or from the keypad, these simple alarm systems can only do so much to protect your home.

With DSC alarm systems, your home’s security is integrated into your Control4 system, giving you greater control and peace of mind. Customers can arm and disarm their security systems from a Control4 touchscreen or remotely with the Control4 app, receive notifications when motion has been detected in or around the home, and be immediately alerted when the system is in alarm.

Motion detectors are placed throughout the home at optimal points, ensuring that you are aware of any concerning movement when the home is armed. DSC motion detectors monitor heat and factor in several elements to determine if a motion is simply a moving curtain when the air conditioning kicks on or if it is an intruder. Pet-immune motions can be enabled for pet owners, allowing the family cat or dog to freely move around the home without setting off a motion sensor even when the system is armed.

Door and window contacts monitor the state of every door and window in the home. You can receive alerts when any door or window is opened or closed, and you can also check the state of the doors and windows throughout your home by opening the app. When integrated with Control4, opening or closing doors can also trigger other smart home features like turning on/off lights or powering down certain devices. 

Glass break monitors can also be installed to monitor and detect the pitch of breaking glass, setting off the security alarm in the event that a window or glass door is broken.


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Camera systems are a key part of any home security system. From everyday activities like seeing when a package is delivered to the front door to capturing vital footage to identify an intruder in the event of a break in, integrated camera systems add essential security features to your home.

Cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, expanding your view of your home. Customers can see a live feed of security cameras on a Control4 touchscreen or smart device. Make sure the kids arrived at home after school and are doing their homework instead of playing video games by simply checking your device.

Smart security cameras have analytics built in, providing even more features like the ability to recognize your car’s license plate and trigger the garage door to open, lights in the house to turn on, etc. when you pull up to the house. You can also set boundaries in the cameras’ view and trigger certain events when an object crosses that line. For example, set a boundary on the sidewalk to trigger the outdoor lights to turn on and illuminate the path to the house if a guest crosses the boundary.


Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your home is secure and protected with Cinegration smart security. Talk to us about installing a security system for your home today!

Keep your home, loved ones, and belongings safe with Smart Security