How to Prepare Your Next Construction for the Connected Home

Lay the Proper Pre-Wiring Foundation for Today’s Technology Demands

How to Prepare Your Next Construction for the Connected Home

Each year homeowners' technology needs continue to evolve. While in the past new constructions just needed a general electricity framework to be live-in ready, the era of the connected home has made networking just as important. According to a study by Intel, there will be more than 200 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020. Many of those are household staples like refrigerators, speakers, and lights. Will your Denver, CO business be prepared to meet the growing home networking demands?

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What Are Connected Devices?

The reason many smart devices have become so popular is that they are often smarter and more efficient than their standard counterparts. They are especially useful if placed within a home automation framework. Then they communicate with each other to create a more intuitive living environment. For example, their phone communicates with speakers to stream their favorite music. They could also have occupancy sensors that communicate with lights to turn them off when the room is empty.

What Requirements Come With ‘Smart’ Technology?

All of these conversations will be happening on your client’s network, so it needs to be robust enough to cover the entire home. While these devices have wireless capabilities, a hardwired solution will create a more reliable connected home. There should be multiple fiber optic or CAT6 cables at each Ethernet jack to connect modems, switches, wireless access points, or the connected devices themselves.

What is the Importance of Pre-Wiring?

While this cabling can be added later on as the clients express their needs to IT technicians, it’s beneficial to have pre-wiring done to avoid reopening walls in the future. This is also why there should be multiple cables at each port--so the house is future-proof if the client wants to add more technology. It will also be easier to fit the wiring into the home’s design to create a more aesthetic solution.

Why Should You Be Thinking About It?

It may be tempting to pass the problem on to the homeowner and let them deal with their networking issues down the line. But this approach could result in negative reviews and less repeat business. Most importantly, pre-wiring can bring immediate benefits to your business. According to a report from Consumer Electronics Association, more than a third of builders increased profits by including wiring for entertainment, networking, and security.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

You can partner with a custom integrator to take care of all your client’s smart technology needs. We can consult with them to get the scope of their smart home project. We will then come up with a design that outlines where all necessary low-voltage, AV and networking cables will go; we take care of device installation once the home is complete. We have years of experience when it comes to design, construction, and project management to ensure you stay on schedule and within budget.

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