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Happy Holidays from Cinegration!

2018 Year in Review

Cinegration has been busy this year! We have grown in company size, product offering, and volume, completing over 400 jobs and adding more than 50 clients this year. As we close out 2018 and look forward to 2019, we are exciting for additional growth, new projects, and as always, the best customer service.

New Brands and Products


The technology industry is constantly changing and evolving. With that, new products are consistently being introduced and can often muddy the waters for buyers when attempting to make a decision. Our team does the work for you! We research, participate in trainings, and test new products on the market to determine which make the cut. It is extremely important to us to put any new brand or product through this rigorous process before choosing to offer it to our clients. Because of this, we have immense confidence in the products we sell and know that we are offering the best of the best to our clients. 

Throughout the year, we have added a handful of new brands and products to our offering:

AudioQuest Cables
AudioQuest develops tools for enhancing the in-home experience of audio and video entertainment. Be it a speaker cable, HDMI cable, or a portable digital audio product, AudioQuest’s varied offerings provide value and performance to the retailer and enthusiastic consumer alike.
Check out the website.

Flo Water Shutoff System
Backed by years of product development and industry leading technology, Flo detects and stops leaks. Flo monitors all your water-related functions from your toilet, shower, or faucet to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls so there’s no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation. 
Check out the website.

Hikvision Cameras and Video Surveillance
Through ongoing research and development and a commitment to innovation, Hikvision engineers state-of-the-art video surveillance products and solutions. The company offers a robust selections of video surveillance products and cutting-edge technologies to smart home owners. 
Check out the website.

Lutron Lighting and Shade Systems
As a leader in the fast-growing smart home market, Lutron provides the perfect solution for any size home, and any budget, whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade your existing one. Lutron dimmers create a cozy atmosphere at the touch of a button, or can be operated from the car to turn lights on as you approach the house. Lutron shading solutions offer quiet, precision control of window treatments for convenient daylight management while saving energy and enhancing décor.
Check out the website.

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At Cinegration, our team is like family. We take great care in hiring the best and brightest in our field and always focus on the right fit for our culture of innovation and top-of-the-line customer service. Throughout the year, several of our veteran employees have been promoted into new and exciting roles, giving them greater responsibility and impact on the company. In turn, we have hired fantastic new additions to the Cinegration family! 


Cinegration 18

Brian has been a part of the Cinegration team from the beginning. He was Cinegration's second employee, starting out as a Lead Technician. He eventually transitioned into the Service Technician role, and he was promoted in June 2018 to be Cinegration's Operations Manager. He now manages our projects from scheduling through install to final walk throughs and continues to provide support and expertise remotely to our clients as well as our installation team.  

 Cinegration 11
Shawn joined the Cinegration team in April of 2017 as a Lead Technician. He excelled in this role and was quickly promoted to Project and Installation Manager in October this year. Shawn now oversees the installation teams and manages Cinegration's projects in the field. As an Operations Manager, Shawn has helped increase our efficiency and improved the quality of our installs by using his expertise and knowledge to train our new installation team. 
 Cinegration 17
Chris was Cinegration's very first employee. From the beginning, Chris has been an integral part of our operations and has helped us become the company we are today. Chris has been a Lead Technician for several years and also responds to service calls. In 2018, Chris became a part of our sales team and excelled as a salesman. As our most efficient installer, Chris chose to return his focus to installation, and he continues to support our customers through service as well as assist with sales.  
 Cinegration 14
Patrick has been with Cinegration since 2015. He started as an Assistant Technician, was promoted to a Lead Technician, and has now entered a new role as our Service Technician. Patrick has done a fantastic job taking care of Cinegration's customers post-installation and ensuring that each system is functioning to the best of its ability. We have received nothing but positive feedback about Patrick and our customers have loved having him as a reliable, helpful, and knowledgable Service Technician.





































Cinegration 24
Shelby joined the Cinegration team in February this year and has taken charge of several aspects of the business since. From marketing to human resources to operations, Shelby is driven to take Cinegration to the next level through streamlining processes, improving communications, and enhancing our employee and customer experience. She has been a great addition to our team and continues to help in our efforts to grow, innovate, and maintain our goal of providing the best service. 
 Cinegration 29
Dave has worked with Cinegration as an independent contractor for many years. He has proven his immense talent and knowledge time and time again, and this year, Cinegration was lucky to add Dave to the team! Dave has been part of the home automation industry since it began back in the lat 90's/early 2000's. His love for technology and his dedication to the work he does shows in every job he installs, and we are thrilled to call him part of the Cinegration family!
 Cinegration 27
Like Dave, Sid has worked in the home automation industry for many years. He joined the Cinegration team in May this year and has been a great addition to our sales team. Sid truly cares about each and every customer he interacts with, providing our clients with the highest level of respect and trust. Sid carefully designs projects around the customers' needs and wants, ensuring that every client loves the smart home system he or she dreamed.
 Cinegration 28
Cinegration snagged Pete in July of this year as a Lead Installation Technician. Pete came to Cinegration with a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry and has only continued to learn and improve. Pete brings an attention to detail and a level of customer service that fit perfectly with Cinegration's core values. We are excited to have Pete as part of the Cinegration team and look forward to continued success as we move into 2019. 




































As we enjoy the holiday season, we are reminded of what an incredible year it has been for Cinegration, which is largely due to our wonderful customers. We thank you for choosing Cinegration as your smart home integrator, and we hope you have a great holiday!