For those who missed it, Cinegration and DoorBird just had a webinar. Watch the recorded DoorBird webinar or keep reading for the Q&A.

Where can you get the driver?

The driver, along with all Cinegration drivers, can be found on the HouseLogix driver store at:

Updates to the driver?

Cinegration is constantly working to better all its drivers. Check back on the HouseLogix website for updates.

What is the latest version of the driver?

The current driver version as of 10/18/2016 is 8.1.7.

Does the acquisition of HouseLogix to SnapAV affect Cinegration drivers?

No, the driver will still continue as intended and sales of the driver will still be available at HouseLogix. If this changes, we will inform dealers.

Do you need to purchase a driver license for each DoorBird in a project?

No, the driver license is per project.

Will the driver work with multiple DoorBird units in one project?

The driver connects a single DoorBird to a Control4 system. Simply add additional drivers to the project for each additional DoorBird.

How much is the driver?

For driver purchasing, log into your HouseLogix account and the price will be listed.

What are the basic troubleshooting steps when having an issue with the driver/DoorBird?

  1. Has standard installation been performed including setup of user 0001 as SIP? No: Refer to the manual for procedure.
  2. Is the DoorBird connecting to the DoorBird app? No: Internet or power issue.
  3. Can you see the DoorBird on the camera page? No: Communication with DoorBird to Control4 isn’t working. Most likely IP address, username/password or networking issue.
  4. Are notifications enabled and are they being received? No: Change Server Communication port, try a different PoE switch or make WiFi. Reboot Control4 and DoorBird.
  5. Is the SIP call being established correctly? No: Check valid Intercom group and ‘make call’ is being triggered when Doorbell button is being pressed. Delete Communication agent, reboot Control4, reload Communication agent,  Actions: Retrieve Intercom Groups, Action: Enable SIP.
  6. Video isn’t appearing when call is made (single touchscreen)? Check Intercom under DoorBird that Alternate Camera is enabled and on the correct camera.
  7. Video isn’t appearing when call is made (doorbell push/multiple touchscreens)? Check Intercom under DoorBird that Alternate Camera is enabled and on the correct camera. DoorBird unit CAN ONLY SUPPORT TWO ACTIVE CAMERA STREAMS AT ONE TIME. Only two touchscreens will get camera feed.

Some of the info shown in the webinar doesn’t seem to be on my driver?

Make sure you have updated and rebooted your Control4 system so you have the latest version.

What does the ‘picture’ look like when the doorbell button is pressed?

There is a picture of this event when this happens located on the main driver page.

Can I adjust the picture quality of the image?

There are contrast/brightness adjustments on the DoorBird app. Log into the administration section, select Image and adjust accordingly.

Is there a way to factory default the DoorBird unit?

There is an API reset. This can be done by going to the driver, actions and pressing Reset API.

My customer forgot their password to the DoorBird?

Log into the administration section of the DoorBird app, select the user you want to change the password on, press change then save. WARNING: If you change the admin password (user 0000) you MUST remember this password. Only DoorBird tech support can unlock the admin password.

Can I manually update a DoorBird?

There is no action that allows for this. However, if user 0001 is set to SIP, the DoorBird will update automatically after 24 hours.

How many Control4 touchscreens can use the DoorBird?

The DoorBird can connect to as many touchscreens as the project; however, only two touchscreens can ‘view’ the camera on the DoorBird at a time. This is due to the internal nature of the DoorBird camera. Because of this, it’s only recommended that two touchscreens are part of the ‘calling’ group.

If I have more than two touchscreens, how do I get an image to appear on all Control4 touchscreens?

Cinegration has created a white paper on this:

How do you set up the driver using HOSTNAME?

Cinegration has created a white paper on this:

The MAC address in the driver doesn’t match what I see in my router?

The DoorBird hardware does all verification and validation off the WiFi MAC address. If your DoorBird is hooked up PoE, your router will show the PoE MAC address. This is normal.

When do you need to change the Server Communication Port on the driver?

If communication is NOT working with the DoorBird, try changing the compunction port. This can be any number as long as it’s not being used on the Control4 system already. Most common are: 8991-8999.

Does the Server Communication Port need to be forwarded on the router?

No, all communication with Control4 <-> DoorBird is done on the LAN.

I have multiple DoorBird units on one project, do I need a different Server Communication Port for each DoorBird?

Each DoorBird at the project must have a unique Server Communication Port.

Is it possible to trigger the ‘lock’ icon on the DoorBird app to trigger a Doorlock on the Control4 system?

Yes, to use this enable DoorOpen notification and add programming when DoorOpen command is received … toggle door lock.

Can the lights icon on the DoorBird app trigger Control4 lights?

At this time, that is not possible. The lights icon turns on the LED lights around the camera for three minutes.

Does the Araknis PoE work with the DoorBird?

The 310 Series PoE switch and single port injectors have been proven to work.

Why do we have to have SIP as the name of a user for SIP calls to work?

Good question. The driver ‘connects’ to a particular user. The license module uses whichever user has SIP. This protects the intellectual property of both Cinegration and DoorBird. Note: User 0001 doesn’t need to be the user to set up as SIP. A dealer could add another user (ex. 0002) and set that one as SIP. User 0002s credentials would then be used in the driver.

Does the motion detection work in the driver?

Yes, motion notification does work. To adjust motion detection, go to the administration section of the DoorBird app and adjust motion settings.

Can a dealer use Control4 custom programming to enable/disable the doorbell event (example: kids sleeping time)?

Yes, this can be done. Note: Cinegration recommends keeping the doorbell event notification on all the time and creating a variable for ‘kids sleeping time’. This way, other items (History Agent other logging applications) can continue to run.

Why does the thumbnail image of the DoorBird always show the last button push?

The thumbnail is an ‘image’ file we pull from the DoorBird hardware. The only images saved are doorbell and motion notification images. The thumbnail will ALWAYS be the last doorbell or motion event.

Is the DoorBird driver available from Control4 or located in the driver database?

Not at this time. Cinegration worked closely with DoorBird to deliver the driver and has chosen HouseLogix’s driver store as the sales platform for its product. All Cinegration drivers are available here. Control4 does not offer a dealer driver store at this time.

Does the driver allow SIP calls to the Control4 MyHome app?

No, Control4 does not support SIP on the MyHome app.

Can the Control4 MyHome be used for notification of doorbell push?

Yes (dealer programming required). However, talking to the person at the DoorBird is not possible from the MyHome app.

Does the DoorBird need to added as an external device to work?

No, the driver handles all SIP registration

Can the DoorBird ring phones and touchscreens at the same time?

Yes, however, the concurrent rule (two max) still applies.

Can a dealer customize each ‘button’ on the intercom call on the touchscreen?

Yes, the name of the buttons is done in the intercom device under the driver. The ‘actions’ are triggered from Control4 programming. Example: Button 1 Locks, Button 2 Unlocks.

Where is the doorbird.wav file ‘tweet-tweet’ sound located?