With all the smart devices available on the market today, it’s easy to think these devices should be in your home, improving your electronic lifestyle. They’re small, come with really bright packaging and seem to be pretty simple to install. However, most consumers don’t realize that buying these products piecemeal makes them the proud owners of a managed home automation system an IT professional will need to oversee. This may be doable if you’re IT inclined, but for many, this adds another layer of security and network management to their daily lives that isn’t everyday easy.

Now, you could create a smart home folder in your smartphone, tablet or computer interface that allows a stand-along app to sit outside of your home automation system. That way your full home automation control system is layered over the top of every device, and individual apps for particular devices are nested within that folder. This configuration allows tech-savvy end users to dive deeper into all the features of their smart devices.

But there’s a problem. Most users have multiple users and devices. This is where the concept of a smart folder starts to lose its value. Each device must maintain the connectivity of each app.

Control4, Better Together

In a typical home, Cinegration integrates several smart devices:

  • Garage Doors
  • Door Locks
  • Security Systems
  • Cameras
  • Lighting (Philips Hue, Lutron, Vantage, Control4)
  • Media Streaming (Roku, AppleTV, etc.)
  • Sound Systems (Sony, Integra, Yamaha, etc.)
  • Music Systems (Sonos, Pandora, Napster, Spotify etc.)
  • Thermostats (Nest, Honeywell, Control4, etc.)

Control4 and a managed home automation system can create a single user experience across multiple platforms. That means the user experience is exactly the same whether you use your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, TV or touchscreen — remotely or at home.

Devices also change over time. Nest is just the newest thermostat on the market, but its central interface has stayed consistent. So your products and future products will still be able to work together, even over time. And, with the addition of custom Cinegration software, your security system can inform your thermostat that you left the windows open so that it won’t turn on the AC.

There are times when using a specific app can have its benefits. Contact Cinegration to receive advanced training on how to use central apps in your smart home.