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When the snow starts to melt, the days get longer and cold nights turn warm, you know that it’s time for spring cleaning. As you sweep out your garage and finally go through the boxes in your basement, don’t forget about your irrigation system. More than just annual cleaning and maintenance, consider an intelligent sprinkler system that gives you complete control over your yard. An app-based sprinkler time management system, Rachio stays tuned into your yard to save you money and conserve water — all at the same time. Keep reading to see all the benefits of installing a Rachio smart sprinkler system in your home.

Turnkey Installation

Cinegration will take your existing sprinkler system out, replace it with the Rachio and integrate it into your existing smart home (Control4) system. And we can get it all done without any wires!

Pause and Resume Scheduling

Automate events in your house based on the sprinkler system, or vice versa. For example:

  • If music is playing in your back yard, automatically enable a rain delay so the sprinklers don’t turn on.
  • You’re having guests over for a picnic, so you don’t want the system to resume until 10 p.m.
  • Garden vegetables need to be watered at the same time each day, but you’re away from home during this time.

Zone Control at Your Fingertips

Have access to your sprinkler controls for you or your landscape professional, and get a visual indication of what’s happening with your system through LED lighting.

Additional Sensor Ports

You can now connect rain and freeze sensors for additional data, and we’ll provide a flow sensor connection to address any future functionality needs.

Easy Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Auto-detect wiring will automatically detect when wiring for zones is connected to the controller for better diagnostics and troubleshooting. (Coming soon!)

New Custom Outdoor Enclosures

Custom-designed weatherproof enclosures protect your controller in all weather situations. Some features include:

  • A hardwire option
  • Operation with both GEN1 and GEN2 Rachio Iro controllers
  • Manual control of zones from Control4 touchscreens
  • A current zone status view
  • Rain delay capabilities
  • The ability to turn the device on and off


  • Prevents puddles by taking into account how many sprinkler heads you have
  • Weather-based for accurate water management
  • Calibrates soil, vegetation, slope, sun exposure and nozzle types
  • Provides data from national and personal weather stations
  • Connects to Control4 systems with software


$699, including hardware setup and standard setup of the Rachio and Control4 system (if applicable).

Ready to be in control of your yard? Contact us to schedule an appointment today.