Every day, millions of consumers shop Amazon for household electronics at affordable prices. But, when it comes to security systems, buyers beware.

According to a recent article, a security researcher found malicious code embedded in surveillance cameras sold on the popular e-commerce site. After purchasing a set of outdoor surveillance cameras, the researcher was troubleshooting a setup issue in the developer tools when he discovered a host name in the code that linked to malware distribution.

Security threats don’t just come from social media, spam and phishing. Even if a seller has good reviews, some products sold through the Amazon marketplace could be infected with malware. If the software programmed into your device links to a malicious Web domain, malware can be downloaded and installed, which could lead to unlawful surveillance and data theft.

Any device containing networking or Internet capabilities can potentially threaten your personal safety and data security. When it comes to important security surveillance, think twice before trusting items purchased online.

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