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Looking to add a little holiday cheer to your smart home this season? See how your Control4 home automation system can work in the background to automatically enhance your holiday experience each day of the season — and every day of the year.

  • Have your doorbell play sleigh bells or other fun holiday sounds
  • Set indoor/outdoor lights to automatically turn on at dusk and off at midnight
  • Schedule your Christmas tree lights to turn on in the morning and off at bedtime
  • Place red and green LED lights on dimmers and switches
  • Set lights to come on to 80% to significantly extend bulb life
  • Set preferences and automatically adjust climate control settings
  • Select holiday music from Rhapsody/Pandora to play in any room of the house
  • Set your home to vacation mode for holiday travel
  • Use security cameras at your front door to help protect packages
  • Set a reminder to check your furnace filters to keep your heating system in check

In some cases, Cinegration can ship the necessary components right to your doorstep and perform all the programming remotely, so contact us today to create a holiday-themed experience in your home.