Add Elegance to Your Home Design Projects with Lighting Control

Add Style Without Sacrificing Functionality

Add Elegance to Your Home Design Projects with Lighting Control

If your clients are looking for a way to spruce up their living space, a lighting control system is the perfect way to enhance their home’s interior décor.

As an interior designer, you’re always looking how to combine practicality and flair – and a home lighting solution makes that easy.

You can help enhance how your homeowners host dinner parties or how they relax in their own space.

All over the Highland area and throughout Denver, CO, we provide the top-notch home lighting solutions. Read on to see how this smart feature’s stylistic benefits can improve your projects.

Further Highlight Designs

If clients claim that their interior design is already seemingly perfected with manual lighting, you can assure them that a lighting control system will never detract from it – but actually elevate it.

In fact, the system allows homeowners to put a spotlight on any piece of art or décor in their home and then customize the amount of lighting to the ideal level.

They can highlight a favorite painting or antique furniture that’s been passed down in the family. This lighting display will draw the attention from anyone who’s walked into the room.

With a push of a button, dim the room’s lights and brighten the designated ones that are aimed and angled perfectly on a certain item. This gives it the desired emphasis in the space.

If clients don’t want to bother with changing up which artwork and items are highlighted every day, they can set “scenes” to do the work for them. The system makes it easy to bring the lighting style into their home.

Protect Valuables

The precious items a client might want to highlight, they are most likely also eager to protect.  During the day, the sun’s harsh rays can cause damage to delicate valuables.

Including motorized shades in a lighting system can help with this issue.

By installing photosensors, homeowners can notice when the sun’s rays are more intense and shining directly in through the windows. They will then lower the shades automatically, keeping the damaging light away from the valuables.

Once the automated shades in the room have lowered, the indoor lighting will instantly brighten to make sure it always feels balanced inside.

Create the Right Atmosphere

If clients are hosting a huge party or get-together with friends, you can guarantee they make their guests feel welcome by utilizing their lighting system.

Setting the perfect mood is easy. Press a button on a smartphone or decorative wall panel to dim the lights as guests eat and chat over dinner – creating ambiance and stimulating conversation.

Once guests begin to move around the house, they can catch up in a brightly-lit media room, or decide to lower the blackout shades so they can watch a movie or play a video game.

As everyone leaves, the host can turn on the landscape lighting – giving guests a safe path to their cars, while also adding a nice touch of style to any home’s curb appeal.

You can make your clients’ dream home more stylish and even more efficient with a lighting control system. Want to learn more about this smart technology?

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