4 Smart Methods to Secure Your Home

How Smart Home Security Adds an Extra Level of Safety and Convenience

4 Smart Methods to Secure Your Home

Our homes should be a sanctuary, and that means they should be safe and secure. While a traditional home security system is a great first step to protecting your home and family, incorporating smart technologies means more robust protection. Smart home security allows you to integrate easy-to-use tools that help deal with common issues that can make your home insecure. To learn more about four methods to protecting your Solterra, CO home, continue reading. 

Home Surveillance Cameras

The benefits of surveillance cameras are obvious. They provide eyes on your entire property even when you’re not there. While this is helpful if you experience a break-in, wouldn’t it be better if these cameras prevented the event in the first place? Smart surveillance cameras can help to do just that. Some models provide alerts right to your phone if something seems amiss. Then, you can access live video footage right from your phone to check in on your residence. If something is wrong, you can then alert the proper authorities. Even if you don’t receive an alert, you can access footage at anytime from anywhere on your phone or tablet for extra peace of mind.

Automated Door Locks

Your doors are vulnerabilities to your home’s security. Many break-ins occur simply because someone forgot to lock the door. Integrating an automated door lock into your smart home security system means that you can minimize this possibility. Again, you can utilize your smartphone when you’re on the go to check in on your front door to see if the door is locked and lock it if not. Also, these door locks can keep you informed of the comings and goings, sending you alerts when the door is opened, allowing you to keep tabs on the family. Have a vacation property?  Smart door locks allow you to create custom experiences when guest enter.  Contact Cinegration for details.

You can even consider adding automated door locks to doors inside your home. Burglars typically start with the bedroom because homeowners tend to store their valuables there. Use a smart lock for an extra level of security. Or maybe you have a wine cellar or an area of the house you don’t want your children to access, then just add a smart lock to keep them out.

Smart Doorbells

Just like the smart lock, smart doorbells help you monitor your front door, but they also add an extra level of convenience. Many models incorporate cameras and intercoms so that you can communicate with anyone at your door right from your phone. The effect is not only that you can act as a gatekeeper to your home always but, also, that you will not miss any important packages or maintenance. Use this tool to communicate with anyone at your door, and, if they need access to your home, you can unlock the smart lock. Then when they leave, you can make sure the door is locked afterward.  Contact Cinegration for more information!

Lighting Control

Most burglaries are crimes of convenience. Burglars select their targets based on what will be the least risky, which is why they often seek out unoccupied homes. Lighting control can help you make your home appear to be full of people even when you’re on your summer vacation. Cinegration has created custom software that will automatically turns lights on and off in a random manner that mimics human behavior and thereby helps minimize the possibility that your home becomes a target. If your smart home system includes motorized shades as well, you can incorporate these into your setting to complete the illusion.

Not only do these smart home security tools deepen your home’s protection, but they do so by making your system more accessible and convenient. Gaining peace of mind starts by contacting Cinegration today.