Did you know there is a difference between a Smart Home and a Connected Home? Yes, there is a difference! Here is a link we found that explains (with pictures!) the difference. Knowing more can lead to a more usable and fun electronic lifestyle experience. Enjoy! Please contact us if you would like more information. Every time I turn on the TV or check my news feed online, I am bombarded with conversations about the Internet of Things, the smart or connected home, home automation and home control. But what does it all mean and how does it fit together? What is the “Internet of Things”? What does it mean to have a “Connected Home” vs. a “Smart Home”? What is automation vs. control? As experts in the field for the past decade, we’ll try to make some sense out of this new vocabulary that is increasingly part of our everyday conversations.

4 Smart Methods to Secure Your Home

How Smart Home Security Adds an Extra Level of Safety and Convenience

4 Smart Methods to Secure Your Home

Our homes should be a sanctuary, and that means they should be safe and secure. While a traditional home security system is a great first step to protecting your home and family, incorporating smart technologies means more robust protection. Smart home security allows you to integrate easy-to-use tools that help deal with common issues that can make your home insecure. To learn more about four methods to protecting your Solterra, CO home, continue reading. 

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